Quickly crop JPG images using a predefined set of parameters that can be saved to a batch file or a simple shortcut, with this lightweight command-line utility.

  • Crop
  • Version :1.01
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GssEziSoft

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Crop Description

Cropping a picture using a regular image editor can be a rather tedious process, and there may a better option available for users who frequently need to run similar operations.

Crop is a lightweight command-line utility that enables you to quickly trim content from a loaded JPG file without complicating matters unnecessarily.

Great tool for performing similar cropping tasks on a regular basis

The application allows you to process files using a very straightforward set of arguments. Essentially, you only need to define the start point by providing the X and Y coordinates in pixels, adjust the output picture’s dimensions and enter the file’s local path.

However, it must be noted that only JPG files can be processed, and it is not possible to save the image to a new location. Additionally, the dimensions can only be set in pixels, not in cm, mm or inches.

Crop images using shortcuts or batch files, and integrate the software into your own products

It is not necessary to open the command console in order to take advantage of this program, as you also have the option of simply creating a shortcut and inserting the desired arguments in the Target field. Detailed instructions are available for less experienced users.

Of course, developers can also integrate this utility into their own applications to enhance their functionality. While an initial installation procedure is necessary to set up the software, you can then copy the necessary program files and repack them.

Offers a limited feature set, but may be just what you are looking for

On the whole, it is clear that Crop was designed with simplicity in mind, as it provides users with a quick and straightforward method of configuring and running image trimming tasks.

However, it would have been great if it were possible to process pictures saved to other formats or export them separately, without overwriting the original files. Nevertheless, this is a reliable tool for regular users or developers who only need to crop JPG images.

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