CRM-Express Ultimate

Make your business be one step closer to success by thoroughly managing address book entries and email accounts, create tasks and events, handle sale orders and inventory with this powerful application.

  • CRM-Express Ultimate
  • Version : 2017.7.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PGCSoft

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CRM-Express Ultimate Description

Time management is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered to maintain a successful business. With the help of specialized applications this becomes an easy and extremely efficient task. CRM-Express Ultimate is one of them, providing a large variety of accounting and planning tools to aid in diverse work domains.

Quick accommodation with its features

The application stores all its features in a modern and intuitive interface. It can be customized with a decent list of themes to make it suit any environment. Advanced users instantly get acquainted with the application, but even beginners have nothing to worry about, especially if taking advantage of the rich online help manual.

Well-organized interface

A side panel provides quick access to all major categories and handle them in the workspace. “Home” offers a preview of created events, tasks and your email client inbox. The following tabs let you carefully manage the address book, email, calendar, tasks, notes, as well as campaigns for your business.

Each tab brings its own entries in the toolbar and workspace. Creating events or contacts is easily done and only requires you to fill in several fields which, depending on the type of entry, can cover nearly anything there is to know, from personal details to business related info.

Create and manage email accounts

What’s more, you can synchronize your email account to be used within the application or even create a new account with a dedicated domain. This enhances communication possibilities, especially if used by multiple employees in a large business.

Handle tasks and events with ease

Amongst others, you can take advantage of a fully customizable scheduler to organize your events. Tasks, meetings and appointments can be created, with the possibility to set duration, allocate personnel and resources, or get notifications.

Keep track of items and budget

If running a sales business, the application comes equipped with a set of tools that let you create an inventory list, issue sale orders and invoices, as well as choosing currency and tax related options. Reports can be issued for nearly any of the available categories, which you can print out or export to several file formats like XLS, HTML or text.

To end with

All in all, CRM-Express Ultimate is sure to bring an efficient changed if used in a business. From small details to handling email and multiple user accounts, the application covers an abundance of management areas. Customization makes it flexible and easy to blend in with any environment.

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