A simple and efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to help you easily create quotations, invoices and manage receivables.

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CraveInvoice Description

You notice how a receipt is filled with all kinds of codes and numbers, which you probably don’t understand besides the cost. They’re all a result of a well-organized database, with most of the codes representing a product, order, or even shelf location. If your business lacks such an application, you might want to give CraveInvoice a try.

Intuitive interface and various databases

The first time you run it, the application asks of you to fill in all details about your company, what it does, where it’s from, the currency it uses, and a lot more. Several steps cover all these areas so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter if you left something behind, because you can later on add, or modify company info.

In terms of visuals, there’s nothing spectacular or to keep you from focusing. The main window only acts like a portal to all other areas, which open up in individual windows you can arrange in the interface. Sadly, arranging needs to be done manually, with no preset options in the Window menu.

The Setup and Basic Inputs menus are the places you want to visit in case data needs to be added or changed. Sooner or later you end up here, with options that cover items, customers, sales persons, transports, payment and delivery modes, payment modes, and a lot more.

Issue reports and export data

As mentioned above, each utility runs in its own menu. As frustrating as it may be to work with a lot of windows, it helps with data gathering and viewing multiple areas at a time. Requirement fields are mostly the same, and allow the application to be used in different types of business.

Invoicing might not involve so much writing, but it can take the same amount of time. This is because values created earlier need to be selected from different drop-down menus, or numerical values filled in. Apart from invoices, a fair number of reports can be issued, for nearly every item and customer, transaction and delivery you have in the database.

Every bit of info you create can either be stored in a MDB or SQL Server database. It’s possible to both import and export data from and to existing databases. Moreover, a built-in designer lets you create custom invoice and report templates to use for your company.

In conclusion

All things considered, we can safely state that CraveInvoice is a powerful application that can blend with different domains of activity to store all data you need to run a business. Although visuals might not appeal to everyone, it’s highly flexible, with various import and export options, built-in report designer, and more to meet all your demands.

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