A software application that enables users to analyze the hardware on their computer and to compare their performance to other systems.

  • CPU-Z G1
  • Version :1.77.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CPUID

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CPU-Z G1 Description

Hardware components dictate how fast your computer is. The beefier the specs on your machine, the more complex applications and video games you can run smoothly. With an abundance of different hardware products on the market, you might just want to know specifications to reduce the risk of compatibility issues. With applications like CPU-Z G1 you can access various details about your PC’s physical parts.

Polished and intuitive interface

The application’s core function is only to provide info, while also displaying usage where possible. The G1 edition of CPU-Z specially targets Gigabyte G1 motherboards, but works well with most components. Visual design is eye-candy, with highly-detailed elements and features organized in tabs for quick access, as well as clearly visible text.

Collects thorough system specs

It’s a neat way to put performance under the scope. Navigating through tab lets you take a look at CPU, caches, Mainboard, memory, SPD, as well as graphics. Each category splits the dashboard in several panels dedicated to each component’s characteristics, such as clocks and caches for processor, frequency and cycles for memory or the GPU of your graphics card.

Publish results or save to file

Exporting doesn’t come with too many options. Hitting the “Validate” button gives you the possibility to get in touch with an online community where worldwide users publish performance stats of their rigs.

Filling in a form enables you to create records by receiving log emails, which comes in handy if you test out multiple machines. Additionally, you can save all gathered data to a TXT or HTML file, which is pretty rich in content, providing a lot more insight that what is shown in the dashboard.

A few last words

On an ending note, CPU-Z G1 is amongst the well-built applications out there, wrapping a set of powerful analysis tools in a polished main window. Real time updating usage is also displayed, while export options provide some degree of flexibility and even greater level of detail. If you want to know your computer a little better, this tool can help you out.

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