Pick specific colors from your desktop and generate HTML or Visual Basic codes for your projects, with this straightforward utility.

  • cPicker
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Teba Visual-Soft

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cPicker Description

When working on various projects, whether you are designing a website or developing a new application, it is important to have an easy way of selecting certain colors and generating their corresponding HTML or Visual Basic codes.

cPicker is a simple application that enables you to grab specific colors from your desktop, and it displays their RGB values, HTML and Visual Basic codes. It does not offer an extensive array of features, but it is very easy to use.

Basic color picker utility that gets the job done

Once you have installed and launched cPicker, things should be pretty straightforward. The application magnifies the area around the mouse cursor, making it easier to find the color you want, and you can lock your selection with the CTRL+G key combination.

If you want to pick a new color, you only need to use the CTRL+F hotkey to release the current selection.

Obtain useful color codes with a few mouse clicks

Once you have picked a certain color, the application displays its RGB values, as well as the corresponding HTML and Visual Basic code. You can then copy these values to the clipboard and use them as you see fit.

However, the application only displays color codes in a limited number of formats, so it is only really useful for those who need to work on HTML or VB-related projects.

Lightweight application that could be improved in a few respects

The main program window takes up very little screen space, and you can also have it remain on top of all other applications.

Unfortunately, though, the utility cannot be minimized or sent to the system tray, which means you have to keep it on your desktop at all times when you need to perform multiple operations.

All in all, cPicker is an easy-to-use application that can help you select colors from your desktop and generate HTML or Visual Basic codes. It does its job well, but it still needs some polish.

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