Hide all your activity on the computer by entering a secure platform and ensuring that no traces of your work are accessible to other users of the PC.

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COVERT Pro Description

COVERT Pro is a lightweight and intuitive software solution that enables you to work on a computer and use all of your favorite programs, without a trace of your activity left on it, thus ensuring your privacy and anonymity.

Intuitive and user-friendly looks

Subsequent to a quick and uneventful setup process, you can launch the tool and begin configuring its functioning parameters, defining the utilities you intend to work with.

Since the appearance of COVERT Pro is quite simple and accessible, it is unlikely you will need that much experience in order to handle it properly.

Hide and protect your activity on the PC

Before being able to hide your activity on the computer, you need to define the programs you regularly work with, specifying their full path and assigning them shortcuts in COVERT Pro’s panel, enabling you to start them with a click. You can add up to twelve different ones.

Nonetheless, you can also run applications that are not in the launch panel, using the ‘Starting Programs’ button. Whenever you want to work with any of them, in order to make sure your activity is not being monitored or recorder, you can press the ‘Login to Secure Platform’ button.

At this point, a dedicated window will appear, allowing you to access your utility and work with it, without fear of your activity being tracked. You can also choose a preferred level of ‘Internal Protect Mode’ between 0, 1 and 2.

Moreover, you can constantly view your system’s performance levels and list the currently functioning drivers, processes and services. Similarly, you can add various executables to the ‘Database Threats’.

A useful PC activity hider

In addition, the built-in messenger makes it very easy for you to securely communicate with others Covert Pro users. Basically, you need two things to be able to send messages: the serial number of the recipient’s app and an encryption key. All in all, COVERT Pro is a handy and easy to understand application that aims to protect your computer activity from prying eyes, hiding all traces of your work through the secure platform, regardless of the tool you use.

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