View, analyze, annotate, email, sign, and thoroughly manage your PDFs with the help of this modern-looking, Electron-based piece of software.

  • CovePDF
  • Version:1.3.0 Build 503
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:I-Produkts

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CovePDF Description

Even though recent iteration of Windows come with bespoke PDF readers, not to mention that some browsers are also capable of reading PDFs (for example, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge), they are still no match for full-featured PDF readers.

And, since there are literally thousands of  PDF readers out there, choosing one might prove to be quite difficult. CovePDF is an Electron-based PDF reader that aims to be a valid alternative to other, more popular solutions out there.

First off, you should know that CovePDF is exclusively a reader, hence, it does not bundle any type features for creating or editing PDFs. Also quite relevant is the fact that this app is built using the increasingly popular Electron framework and, as a result, it can be run just as efficiently on all the key OSes out there, namely Windows, macOS, and Linux.

User-friendly, comprehensive and modern-looking PDF reader

It boasts a clear-cut and very intuitive user interface that looks right at home on the latest version of Windows. The fact that CovePDF manages to bundle almost everything you could want from a PDF reader while keeping its features widely accessible for even the most unexperienced of users is quite comforting.

Simply put, all of the app’s features are always within easy reach, either on the top toolbar, the left-sided panel or the contextual menu. As expected, you can save, print or email, password protect, and digitally sign your PDFs. If you are wondering, yes, Cove PDF is fully capable of working with multiple documents which can also be loaded via drag and drop, mind you.

The utility also allows you to manipulate documents with the help of typical hand or selection tools. Adding comments, text or text boxes, links, as well as highlighting various sections is also something that this utility can accomplish, with just a few mouse clicks.

CovePDF – up there with the best PDF readers to date

If we were to look at CovePDF without comparing it to other all-round PDF tools, then it is quite difficult to find fault with it, except maybe the slower interface reaction speeds (which is a popular shortcoming with most Electron-based apps).

If, however, we were to compare the utility with some of the top competition, then we could point out that it does not feature basic PDF editing tools and that it does not allow you to export PDF to other formats. Additionally, it does not integrate with some of the most mainstream file-sharing and cloud-hosting services like Dropbox or Google Drive, for instance.

In the end, there’s no denying that CovePDF is a capable PDF reader that looks nice, runs well, and that packs almost every important feature you would expect from a tool of this sort.

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