Manage queues at shops or in public institutions by creating a stylish counter display in PowerPoint, that you can manually change.

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CounterPoint Description

CounterPoint offers you the means to create a queue management system in PowerPoint and replace the LED displays with stylish presentations. The tool integrates with PowerPoint and allows you to create dynamic counter slides, which you can alternate with advertisements from your sponsors or for your company.

Manage queues in a simple manner

CounterPoint allows you to generate queue management systems as PowerPoint presentations, in which the counter is created in a single slide. You can design your presentation to include the theme you prefer, shapes, pictures, advertisements and any text blocks, along with the counter.

You simply need to select the title or the text box and convert it to a counter system. Thus, when the presentation starts, all you need to do is click the mouse button to increment the counter. You can set a minimum value, set by default in each new presentation and a maximum number.

Visually appealing systems for the waiting rooms

With CounterPoint, you can create stylish presentations and display them in waiting rooms in shops, public institutions or other entities that serve customers. You can alternate the counter with multimedia slides, to make the waiting seem shorter for clients.

The PowerPoint extension is designed by the take-a-number system and the display indicates the customer who is currently at the front of the queue. This type of service can increase the productivity of the staff, as well as equity practices in your company, regarding serving the customers.

Easily integrate counters into your PowerPoint presentations

Once installed, CounterPoint creates a dedicated entry in the ribbon at the top of PowerPoint. You can access the counter converter, then number limitations, counter hiding option and sound notification. The counter can be automatically hidden after a specified period of inactivity and you can set a sound to notify customers when their turn is up.

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