Cosmetic Guide

You can remove unwanted defects, such as moles, wrinkles or scars using the patch tool and also you can bring brightness to a face.

  • Cosmetic Guide
  • Version :2.2.7
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Two Pilots

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Cosmetic Guide Description

A moment frozen in time with a camera captures reality with all its imperfections. However, applications such as Cosmetic Guide give you the possibility to to strike them out and make your photo as clean as possible.

Easy image post processing

When the software utility runs, it brings up a cleverly simple user interface. A large workspace is put at your disposal for you to fine tune any kind of photo. If you consider you need more space, you can always close the given tools menu, which, even though the mouse cursor turns into a resizer if near the edge, cannot be expanded or diminished. However, if you want some post processing to be done, you depend on the provided tools menu.

Everything you can make use of is clearly visible, and you figure out what every function is capable of in no time. In addition, when unsure of what to do next, you can always hit the “Demonstration” button which offers visual support for several types of editing.

Eliminate any imperfections

You can only find a few options to work with in the tools menu. Most of them are intuitive and will raise no questions regarding their purpose. In some cases, you can choose the “Expert Mode” which only brings up two additional sliders to adjust opacity and hardness, if the way they are preset don’t suffice.

As the name suggests, it’s aimed at portrait images, but that should not be a limit. Even though functions are found under the same category tags, like “Skin Care”, they are merely adjusted image editing tools to make them easier to use under different circumstances. Choosing to edit a photo of a mountain, for example, will still let you take advantage of the “Bleach Teeth” option.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Cosmetic Guide comes in handy if you need to fine tune a portrait. Tools that are put at your disposal are found under intuitive names, so you know to which situation each best applies. Take those ugly pictures out of the drawer and make them shine with this lightweight utility.

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