Take advantage of the various options in which folders and their content can be copied from one place to another using this professional utility.

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CopyFolder Description

Copying multiple files and folders can be a time-consuming process, especially if renaming them afterwards plays an important part. CopyFolder gives you the possibility to do all of the above with ease and leaving you time for more important tasks that require attention.

Various options to take into consideration

The application is the professional approach on file copying. Given the amount of options you can take advantage of, you might feel lost, but all are available for a reason. Probably the most important one is the “Profiles” tab where you can save specifications for different tasks that are required.

What each tab you can browse through basically offers, is the possibility to tell the application how to behave in different circumstances. For example, you can only choose not to copy files that are smaller or bigger than a specified size, and also replace content if it is older than the what is about to be transferred.

Preview before copying, and statistics

Because of the large options you can take into consideration, the application puts at your disposal a “Preview” button. If pressed, a small window will be brought up telling you the amount of files and folders that will be copied, as well as available and needed space.

If you are satisfied with the given info you can start the task. Statistics will be shown in the end which you can export to a text file. Probably the biggest inconvenience is the absence of a scheduler. It would have been the last piece that made this puzzle complete.

To end with

All in all, CopyFolder is a professional tool with which you can perform various file copying tasks. The lack of a scheduler will make you sigh from time to time, though it still makes for a handy application.

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