Remotely access and administer computers with the help of this simplistic tool that offers both SSH client and server functionality.

  • copSSH
  • Version :5.4.21
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tevfik Karagulle

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copSSH Description

Copssh is a lightweight and useful piece of software that provides a simple yet efficient solution for remote administration. This said, the first thing you should know about Copssh is the fact that it bundles various packages and software such as OpenSSH, Cygwin, as well as other light connectivity and security-related utilities, all wrapped around a simplistic GUI.

Simplistic installation and configuration procedures

You can start taking advantage of everything this utility has to offer in just a couple of seconds, thanks to its streamlined installer. Before you launch the utility, please bear in mind that it requires full system rights in order to get going.

You should start off by launching Copssh’s Control Panel. You should be able to see a relatively simplistic and outdated, tabbed user-interface. If the installation was successful, the service (server) should be up and running by default. You should also know that no users are allowed to gain access to your machine via Copssh.

No-frills user interface with an underlying layout

Head over to the Users tab, from where you can either deactivate users and provide access to Copssh to new ones via an intuitive wizard that requires you to add a domain, to actually choose the user, the access type and pick one of several authentication options.

In addition, from the Configuration tab, you can pick the listening port, the compression and log level types, as well as the login grace time. There’s also an SFTP (short for Secure File Transfer Protocol) section which allows you to configure various aspects and to enable or disable it altogether.

Offers both SSH client and server components

From this point onwards, remote users should be able to access your machine via any run-of-the-mill SSH client.

Taking everything into account, Copssh is a powerful and fairly straightforward that allows administrators to remotely access Windows systems, thanks to a simple implementation of OpenSSH and other useful tools.

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