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  • CopperCube
  • Version :5.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ambiera e.U.

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CopperCube Description

CopperCube provides an intuitive working environment for designers and game creators, challenging their creativity to build simple to complex 3D scenes and objects.

It allows importing from some of the most popular 3D modelling programs and helps you create your 3D scene without requiring programming knowledge.

Create realistic 3D objects and scenes

CopperCube is very easy to work with, providing one click access to all the tools. From the very same window, you can easily insert new geometrical objects into the scene or use the collection of prefabs, modify the texture of each object, change attributes, materials and use the predefined commands to set the behaviour of each object.

You can set camera controllers and create new view styles that are suitable for your application or game, including first person, third person, model viewer or non-moving cameras. The perspective can be easily changed, since you can look at the scene from all angles and freely rotate the view so as to pay attention to all the details.

Full control over lighting, angles and views

The application can generate 3D rooms from 2D maps and enables you to fully control scene lighting. There are various options for recalculating angles and setting vertex colors, modifying polygons, creating and merging meshes.

More advanced users can take advantage of the integrated scripting API in order to define actions for the objects they create. Mobile app developers can integrate it with the Java SDK or the Android SDK so as to create interactive apps and games.

A powerful 3D modelling program suitable for all designers

Making use of the Direct3D and OpenGL rendering technologies, CopperCube enables you to design anything from simple objects to 3D virtual reality scenes with complex elements.

It comes in handy for both application, web and game designers, providing a generous tool set that they can use to deliver impressing results.

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