An intuitive and user-friendly application that can resize, add watermaks and share your pictures as simple as a single right click.

  • CoolTweak
  • Version :3.3.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Yann Kerangueven

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CoolTweak Description

Image files often need to be post processed before being put to good use. Be it resizing, cropping, applying various effects or have quality changed, specialized applications are required. CoolTweak is one of them and promises to make photo editing and sharing incredibly easy and accessible to anyone.

Modify images with only a few mouse clicks

The application’s core function is to allow you to easily have an image modified or shared on social networks, by creating new options in the context menu.

By default, you are given a few presets to work with. These range from a few resizing options, to adding watermark and directly sharing on the Internet. Once your choice is made, the application begins to process your picture and in a matter of seconds informs you about the result.

Customize presets and create new menus

If you consider available options are not enough, you are able to edit already existing ones or add custom functions, with different actions. Doing so brings up the main window, where you can access all menus.

However, spending a little time to go through customization options leaves a little something to be desired. The application’s fresh and modern design, unveils that there is not much to work with, behind the pretty mask.

Available menus manage to include everything the application has to offer, creating only the illusion of a more powerful application. You are able to set several action specific parameters, for example creating a default watermark to be added, rather than being prompted each time regarding output options.

One of the biggest disappointments is that there are no effects that can be applied to further enhance your pictures before having them shared. Nor are there any options whatsoever for color correction. This is a pity, having seen it’s meant to edit images.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that CoolTweak only manages to live up to half of the potential it’s packed with. The concept is neat, allowing for incredibly quick editing and sharing, without the need for editors to occupy desktop space. However, available options considerably limit it from offering too much variety.

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