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Access a wide variety of comprehensive cooking recipes with detailed instructions, shopping lists and ingredients by turning to this application.

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CookMe Store App Description

If you are interested in cooking and want a reliable source for your recipes, you should probably turn to third-party applications as they can provide you with an outstanding amount of relevant information.

In the situation mentioned above, CookMe Store App is one of the software solutions that can come in handy as it can hold a lot of recipes along with detailed examples.

Easy to install

This application can be installed on the target computer without significant efforts, since it is a Windows Store app and does not require any additional nor complicated configuration on your part.

The only necessary steps are navigating to the product’s page and hitting the Install button, as the rest of the process unfolds automatically, without needing any further assistance on your side.

Store cooking recipes

This application can serve you as a virtual cookbook since you can create various cooking recipes and store them with minimum efforts. You can include additional details into your recipes, such as image examples, calories per serving, lists of ingredients, preparation time or cook time.

It is also possible to print the shopping list directly from the application by right-clicking anywhere in the window whenever it is visible and choosing the corresponding option from the bottom toolbar.

Create recipes easily

Generating a recipe entry can be accomplished by performing three steps. You need to fill the corresponding fields in the Description section by defining a name, typing a description, rating it, specify the number of servings and typing the calories per serving amount.

After you are done with the description, you need to create the steps by setting the preparation and cooking times and also specifying the ingredients needed for each step. The last step is assigning your recipe to one or multiple categories by ticking their corresponding checkboxes.

Handy virtual cookbook that lets you create and store recipes easily

All in all, CookMe Store App is a lightweight application that can serve you as a virtual cookbook by letting you create and store recipes along with additional details. It comes with a user-friendly interface that packs intuitive functions and requires no additional nor complicated configuration.

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