Convert your movies to different video formats and qualities, compatible with a wide range of portable devices, in just a few mouse mouves.

  • Converter4Video
  • Version :2016e (3.0)
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abelssoft

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Converter4Video Description

Converter4Video is a simple and easy to understand software solution which is meant to assist you in turning your favorite videos to other formats, so you can watch them on various other media devices, for instance mobile phones or tablets.

Friendly and approachable usage

Following a quick setup process, with no particularly noteworthy events, you can launch the program and begin working with it right away, as its self-explanatory interface poses a minimal strain on you, even if you lack the prior experience.

The wizard-style interface coupled with the support for drag and drop functionality make Converter4Video quite accessible for novices, while its large number of output formats and configurable preferences can satisfy the needs of the more advanced individuals.

Swiftly convert movies to other formats for your phone or tablet

For starters, you have to load the source movies into the utility, which can be done either by browsing through your system through the integrated explorer and opening them in Converter4Video or by drag and dropping them onto its main window. Batch processing is supported, so you can easily work with several files simultaneously.

The next step requires you to choose an output format, either selecting the target extension from the side panel, or the hardware it should be compatible with (popular mobile devices, namely tablets and phones).

Afterward, you can choose a preferred quality, with several options available, for instance HD, DVD, TV or Mobile. An ‘Advanced Settings’ section can help you define the precise audio and video codecs, bitrate, samplerate and framerate, so the generated files can match your requirements. Finally, you can click on ‘Convert’ and within moments, you will be able to enjoy your movie on any device you want.

A practical conversion instrument for your videos

In closing, Converter4Video is a useful and straightforward application that enables you to obtain movies for your mobile media devices, in little to no time and without having to learn how to handle complex and heavy software.

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