A lightweight software solution that can help you to easily convert a large number of photos or images from one format to another.

  • Converseen
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Francesco Mondello

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Converseen Description

Converseen is an application developed in C++ which you can use to convert almost any image on your computer into another more or less popular format.

With it you are able to convert an image to formats such as AAI, BIE, EPS, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF and many more which you can then insert into any third-party application to create a project or print it.

A basic and user-friendly interface

On the design side of things, Converseen doesn’t excel in any particular aspect. Its interface is simple, straightforward and has a comprehensive layout. Once you load the images into the application, they are displayed in a list and clicking one opens a preview for it.

In the same main window, you have access to the features that allow you to resize, rotate and rename the images, as well as choose the new format you want for them. Everything you need is easy to access and should pose no challenge to you, regardless of your experience with computers and software in general.

Resize images

Converseen enables you to perform one of the most frequent modifications made to an image, meaningly to change its dimensions. The application allows you to reduce it by decreasing the scale of the image in percentage or by manually entering the width and height for the new resolution.

Since it’s easy to stretch an image vertically or horizontally to an undesired effect, Converseen allows you to maintain the aspect ratio of the photo with a simple click. In case the image was downloaded to your computer with an incorrect orientation, the application also offers you a function to rotate or flip it over its vertical or horizontal axes.

A simple and effective photo resizer

All-in-all, Converseen doesn’t impress when it comes to looks but that shouldn’t be a defining factor for it. The application is easy to use and you spend just a couple of minutes to prepare and convert a large number of images.

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