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Easily create simple or complex projects, define resources and assign tasks by relying on this powerful application that comes with a comprehensive interface.

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ConceptDraw Project Description

When you are in charge of running a company, you might need extra help with projects, resources, assignments and various other administrative duties.

Although you can probably hire an assistant who can easily organize your information and keep track of it in a convenient way, it is also possible to rely on specialized software. ConceptDraw Project is one of the applications that can easily help you accomplish some of these tasks.

Comprehensive user interface

This program comes with a design that somehow resembles Microsoft Office’s layout that encompasses numerous straightforward functions. However, you might need to have certain PC and financial skills in order to benefit from its full potential.

You can access an additional Options window, although it might be hard to notice, as its location is at the bottom of the File menu.

Handy project management functions

It is possible that you create projects and display them in a Gantt chart. This type of view allows you to browse through multiple useful information, including project documentation, duration, starting and finishing dates, cost, priority, estimated working time and assigned employees.

Furthermore, each of these fields can be edited from their corresponding sections. For instance, you can assign each task to a different person and view your team members in a list, along with additional details.

Multiple project display

The application makes it possible for you to import several projects and get useful insight, thus allowing you to compare them in terms of profit, revenues, baseline costs and completion percentage.

You can export your projects to CDPZ, CDPX, CDPTZ or CDMZ files, if you plan on working on them later with this program, or you can save them as TXT, XML or MMAP.

In conclusion, ConceptDraw Project can help you manage and organize your workflow, along with several other specific information. The only downside is that you might need advanced PC and financial knowledge in order to operate it efficiently.

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