A simple to use application, which is capable of instantly converting text to speech and allows you to listen to any text in the English language.

  • Comptalk
  • Version :1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Oproot Research

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Comptalk Description

Comptalk is a small, yet reliable reader program that can turn text into speech, regardless of its size. The software is capable of reading words in the English language, as well as large numbers. Thus, the application allows you to listen to the text you typed, at moderate voice speed and volume.

Simplistic interface

Comptalk features a simple, straightforward interface, with a text editing area, dedicated to typing the phrases or pasting them from clipboard. The software does not allow you to import text directly from a file, but you may open the desired document and insert the contained text via copy-paste.

The software supports managing even large texts. Simply paste in the lines or manually type them and click on the ‘Speak’ button. The application can easily convert the text into speech and render it. The software does not allow you to change the output settings, such as voice, volume or gender.

A tool for rendering spoken text, not saving the audio file

Comptalk does not offer your the possibility to save the audio recording of the text reading to your computer. Also, due to the lack of a mouse navigation option, you may only use the arrow keys in order to scroll up and down through the text.

This function is only available while the software is in text editing mode, once it starts the conversion to speech, you may not navigate through the text. Moreover, the software does not allow you to resize the editing area, so you can view a larger part of the text.

Simple and reliable text to speech tool

Comptalk is a simple program, dedicated exclusively to converting text to speech and instantly rendering it. The software does not allows you to save the text to speech conversion to an audio file or change voice settings. In spite of these aspects, the software is reliable, very lightweight and does not require installation, which makes a simple to use tool.

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