Better handle dependency management in PHP with the help of this user-friendly, modern-looking and fairly efficient GUI for Composer.

  • Composercat
  • Version :0.4.0 Beta
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ornion OÜ

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Composercat Description

If you’re a PHP developer, then there a good chance you already know all everything there is about Composer, probably the most popular dependency manager that allows you to handle dependencies and all the required libraries for your web projects via the command line.

Of course, editing, managing, and updating packages with the help of this command line tool can become a very tedious, repetitive and time-consuming process, especially in the case of bulky PHP projects.

Take advantage of everything Composer has to offer, without having to deal with the command line

Regardless of you being an experienced PHP developer or if you’re simply learning the ropes with Composer, you should definitely check out Composercat, a modern and very useful GUI that greatly speeds up and simplifies the way you handle Composer configurations on all major OSes out there (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

It almost goes without saying that the application requires the presence of Composer on your computer’s system, which in turn, requires that companionship of PHP, as well. Other than that, you should be able to deploy Composercat on your system by simply launching its fully automated installer.

Makes managing PHP dependencies and packages seem like child’s play

Subsequent to opening a Composer-based PHP project, you are greeted by the utility’s black-themed and streamlined user interface. Even by rookie standards, working Composercat should be nothing less than smooth, mainly thanks to an intuitive layout.

For instance, the left side of the main window is dedicated to the for the Project details and parameters, while the right side is the place from where you can effortlessly manage your Composer dependencies and packages, with no more than a few mouse clicks, and without having to resort to complicated and repetitive commands.

Modern Electron-based and cross-platform GUI for Composer

Having said that, it should be quite clear that Composercat has a set of interesting traits that should make it a must have for all PHP developers that rely on Composer to manage web app dependencies.

It not only improves your productivity while working with Composer, but it also works flawlessly, and, let’s not forget, it looks right at home on the latest iterations of Windows.

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