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Allows you to connect to your Google account in order to synchronize the scheduled appointments with Outlook or other applications.

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CompanionLink for Google Description

With multiple devices and multiple applications, comes multiple accounts. Having information stored on different devices is a common problem especially when you want to access information quickly and easily from a different computer. CompanionLink for Google is a synchronization and information uploader designed to work with Google accounts. Information can be sent from a personal device to a desktop computer and any compatible accounts there.

A detailed list of features that provide a high level of customization and control

Getting multiple devices, sometimes with different operating systems, to be compatible and share information can be a difficult task. The application does a fair job of making it accessible and relatively straightforward to achieve. Every aspect of the information that can be shared features its own tab and specific options to be customized in the application. If users don’t want a certain part to be shared or want to limit a synchronization, they can.

The options could be clearer in places, tooltips might go some way to explaining the more complex aspects of application, but the majority of it is quite straightforward and decipherable. The option to enable one way synchronization, or limit the data exchange by a specific amount of time or to a specific time, present users with excellent control over how the application operates and what it does.

A useful, professional application, but an expensive choice when alternatives exist

The application does a good job of making a tedious task quick and efficient, but the application is not particularly cheap either. Given how most personal devices and phones – the application’s main target – are able to connect to the internet, it does raise questions. When users can simple connect directly to Outlook from their phone and send emails or import contacts via Outlook, can the price really be justified? The ability to bring over more information quickly means the application’s main selling point is as a time saver. Information can be transferred without this application, it is just difficult or slow.

The professional quality does show through in other areas also, in its design and its detail, as well as its user friendly layout. Users who do decide to try the application will not be disappointed in how it performs and how simple it is to organize the complicated function of synchronizing so much information, regularly and easily across devices.

A worthwhile application that offers good value for money and a reliable service

The application contains some drawbacks, but they are few and far between, ultimately, CompanionLink for Google is useful and well designed. The amount of customizable options and control it provides to users, in conjunction with its clear layout means that any users who purchase it should be satisfied with its performance.

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