Comfort Typing Lite

Enables you to write faster with the help of custom defined templates, expressions and words, and it also makes it possible for you to transform selected texts to upper, lower or inverted text.

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Comfort Typing Lite Description

If you have ever worked on projects with recursive expressions or text fragments that imply lots of typing, then you certainly know how useful it is to keep the text snippets within easy reach.

Comfort Typing Lite is an efficient and useful piece of software designed with only one goal: to help you type faster and easier.

Swiftly paste recurrently used phrases and format your text

In other words, it helps you store and paste frequently used phrases, as well as switch the language or layout of the recently typed text or the currently selected text. Besides, the utility also makes it possible for you to change the selected fragment to upper, lower or inverted case.

Subsequent to its installation, the app is unobtrusively integrated with your computer’s system tray, from where it can be easily accessed with a single mouse click.

Low-key application located in the system tray

The application does not feature an interface per se, but upon clicking and right-clicking its system tray icon, you are greeted by two small menus that make working with Comfort Typing Lite fairly easy.

The only part that you could find reminiscent of an interface is the app’s Options window that allows you to customize both the way it looks and the way it behaves.

Assign sounds to any key for improved feedback

You should also know that the tool comes with two supported types of text templates, namely plain text and rich text format.

Another noteworthy feature is the fact that the program makes it possible for you to assign sounds to any keyboard key. Used right, this feature might help you gain a better orientation and feedback while writing.

Good, but could be better

No doubt, working with this app is no difficult task, yet we would have liked the tool even more if it would have come with a modern UI or a hovering menu of some sort.

For example, the menu would come up each time you select a text and it would offer you a visual representation of the available options.

Handy app for users who write a lot

All in all, there is not much you can criticize about Comfort Typing Lite, as it is both efficient and unobtrusive. In the end, if you are the type of user who writes lots of texts with recurring phrases on a daily basis, this app would be a very addition on your computer.

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