ComboTIFF Pro

Perform conversion between popular picture types or create a multi-page TIFF files with different quality settings to configure and save as custom profiles.

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ComboTIFF Pro Description

Every image file format has its own particularities, quality options, and color layers. For instance, TIFF pictures can hold multiple pages. In case you frequently have to do with these types of files, then ComboTIFF Pro can help you convert other formats, and adjust different file variables in an intuitive, fast process.

Intuitive interface decent file support

As far as the visual design is concerned, the application makes accommodation a walk in the park for individuals of all levels of experience. Most of the space is where all files you load are shown in an organized table with details like name, number of pages, page range to convert, as well as source path.

Luckily, the application supports a few more formats than TIFF for both import and export. These aren’t abundant, only including JPG and PNG, but means you’re also able to perform simple conversion. In case you want to create a TIFF file, it’s possible to bundle all files in a single output item, or perform batch conversion.

Adjust output settings and save custom profiles

There’s also a list of settings you might want to handle before commencing conversion. These are related to TIFF compression, resizing method, text caption, font style options, text alignment, and file properties. If the output is JPG, a dedicated slider helps you adjust quality. Every selected image shows preview in a dedicated panel.

All changes you make in the settings tab can be saved to file as a custom profile to be able to perform specific conversion on other files later on. A path needs to be specified as well as a name for the new image, or range of pictures. The process starts at the press of a button, with a progress slider letting you know when it’s done.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that ComboTIFF Pro is sure to come in handy as a powerful picture converter, or at least if you need to create complex TIFF files. The visual design is intuitive enough, with different conversion options and possibility to save custom settings profiles.

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