Correct image imperfections by adjusting the brightness and contrast, as well as enhance them by using numerous effects to add a touch of personality to them.

  • ColorStyler
  • Version :1.09
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Harald Heim

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ColorStyler Description

ColorStyler is a comprehensive and intuitive program that helps you correct and improve different picture properties, by applying various filters and effects to create amazing and unrealistic works of art. It’s part of a suite of multiple tools, namely BWStyler, ColorWasher, ContrastMaster, FocalBlade and LightMachine, bundled into a single application. Each provides distinctive functions to alter and adjust images.

Alter more than one image at the same time and toggle the split view

The offered interface is accessible yet complex, which might take some time to get accustomed to and can be used by both novices and professionals. It’s composed of a preview area, which is updated everytime you apply an element, a properties panel that can be changed to easy or advanced mode, each coming with particular tabs and few most-used commands at the bottom of the window.

Color Styler supports most popular image formats, such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PCX, PCD, TIF, TGA and camera raw types. From under the preview, the photo can be fitted to the panel or zoomed in and out, along with the ability to enable the split view, which edits only one side of the item.

Customize the picture with frames, filters and effects

The app comes with a wide range of preset filters, like saturation, balance, highlights, brightness and hue, which can easily be tweaked to a preferred value by enabling the quick edit mode. If you made a mistake, the program provides undo and redo buttons to go back to the original composition and different picture frames.

What’s more, it lets you apply numerous effects that are grouped into various categories (e.g. photo, vintage, color film, grad and filter, vignette), each with a more detailed list to help you create beautiful and interesting works. ColorStyler comes with a few basic drawing tools that require at least one mask to be active in the image, and with three preview tabs to edit multiple items at the same time. The output is saved in JPG, PNG, TIF and PSD file formats.

Bottom line

All in all, ColorStyler is a useful utility that can be used by both novices and professional photographers to style and apply further corrections and enhancements to numerous images to transform them into pieces of art.

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