A simple to use graphic tool, designed to detect colors, as well as help you generate custom ones, by adjusting the RGB parameters.

  • Colorism
  • Version:2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Xisoftware

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Colorism Description

Colorism brings two useful functions for acquiring your favorite colors and use them in other applications. The application features a color generator which allows you to quickly modify a tint, by adjusting the red, green and blue channels. Additionally, it features a color picker which can retrieve the hue at the tip of the cursor.

Simple to use color acquiring tool

Colorism allows you to obtain a new color, one that suits your preferences or requirements, by adjusting the amount of pure red, green or blue in the final result. The three sliders in Colorism’s main page allow you to modify the level of red, green and blue, on a range from 0 to 255 units.

The level of each color is indicated in small fields, near the slider. You can easily notice that the zero value for each of the channels creates absolute black, while the 255 value for all colors indicated pure white.

The color picker

The hue retriever features by Colorism is a reliable tool that not only allows you to identify the exact colors that lie at the tip of the cursor, but also save them, for later reference. Once running, this function can instantly return the color that lies at the tip of the cursor, in real time, even if the mouse is moving.

The software can detect each pixel on the desktop and reveal its color. For your convenience, you can start/stop the color detection using the buttons in the interface or keyboard shortcuts. The application can only save the color when the retrieving is finished, which is why, the keyboard shortcut comes in handy.

Color picker and generator

The two functions of Colorism allow you to identify the color you prefer in different modes: when generating the color, the software offers you its identifier in RGB values, while in the color picker mode, you can save the hue in an image, on your desktop. Simply import the values or the image into a graphic editor and extract the color for further usage.

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