Color Finesse

Make color corrections to your images, manipulate tones and enhance their overall appearance with this professional software solution.

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Color Finesse Description

If you are a graphic designer or a professional photographer preparing your next exhibition, then we do not need to tell you about the importance of details in these lines of work.

Color Finesse is a relatively small utility that enables you make high-end color corrections and other fine-tune adjustments for your pictures and videos.

Requires a compatible host application

It is important to note that tool requires you have either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premier Pro updated to the latest version on your computer before you can install it.

Since Color Finesse is essentially a plug-in, it integrates into the graphic application’s interface. Moreover, you have to load a picture and start working on it before you can access the editing options in After Effects, for example.

Includes a simplified and a full interface

The plug-in comes with a plethora of fine-tune editing options and it can be accessed from a simplified or a full interface. The simplified UI is essentially a panel that displays the main editing options, namely the parameters and values of the colors along with an adjustment bar.

The full interface consists of two main panels in the upper section, one that displays the values of the colors within the picture and another where you can view the effects of your modifications.

The panel in the lower section is where you can make the actual alteration for various color values, such as YC WFM, GBR WFM or Luma WFM to name a few. You can also analyze histograms, tone curves and vectorscopes via the plug-in.

It goes without saying that you need to have a certain level of experience to make an adequate color correction in your images.

Definitely a professional utility

Irrespective of whether you commonly correct white balance values, manipulate shots taken at different times of the day or match logos into images, Color Finesse can be the plug-in you need to obtain the perfect look.

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