Conveniently manage and keep your notes locally organized with the help of this modern-looking and smooth-running piece of software.

  • Collate
  • Version:0.3.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Collate, LLC

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Collate Description

Available for Windows, macOS and even Linux, Collate is a cross-platform piece of software specially designed to help you take and organize notes.

Offers four ways to save your notes and also works with a couple of popular cloud-storage services

Even though it’s marketed as a privacy-orientated note-taking app which stores notes locally, it can also be used to sync note data to various cloud-based storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

We’ll start off by pointing out that it offers you four ways of storing and managing notes, namely Rich Text, Markdown, Outline or Web Clipper. The app boasts a modern, efficient, yet hardly impressive UI that smoothly combines elements which you would expect to find on a simple note-taking app and more advanced ones from a Markdown editor.

Packs an interesting set of features, without compromising user-accessibility

On the right side of its main window, you are provided with various options for organizing your notes and notebooks based on tags and other types of variables. Of course, organizing is important, but probably just as important is being able to find content without much effort, and in this respect, Collate does not disappoint.

A comprehensive Markdown editor with support for GitHub-flavored format and syntax highlighting and a built-in web clipper that allows you to save webpages locally are also two features that might spark your interest. Collate even provides you with the possibility to import data from Evernote, from Markdown or basic text files, as well as to export your notes to PDF or print them.

Uncomplicated yet competent, cross-platform app for note-taking

All in all, Collate is not at all a bad way to go if you’re looking for a note-taking app/note organizer that works on all major OSes, packs top-notch Markdown editing features, and can save your data both locally and to some of the most popular cloud-based storage services.

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