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Creating amazing collages from your favorite photos using the preset templates that you can customize to your liking with this software solution.

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Collage Xpress Description

If you are thinking of sharing the latest photos you tool with your friends and family, then you have to account for the fact that not everyone has the patience to browse through dozens or even hundreds of pictures. Collage Xpress is an application that enables you to create collages out of the most representative pictures, all neatly packed as an appealing scrapbook.

Provides you with numerous tools to design your collage

The highlight of the utility stems from the impressive number of utensils it puts at your disposal to create a meaningful collage. Therefore, after you selected the preferred type of frame along with the photos, you can proceed to pick up an outline, background and perhaps a border, in case you did not choose a layout that goes within a frame.

You will be happy to learn that you can enhance your collage with a wide variety of clipart options, apply masks for each picture, add shapes in various locations, include a title and add a special effect that can bind the entire story.

Comes with a built-in photo editor

It is necessary to mention that the program comes with its own editor and hence, you do not have to employ other third-party software solutions if you need to make small adjustments to your photos. Therefore, you can alter the brightness, contrast, gamma, crop while maintaining the aspect ratio or rotate the photo.

At the same time, the utility enables you to correct the RGB channels’ level and curve and preview the histogram for each of them. In addition to these filters, the app includes a zoom function as well as before and after, so you can check out your results. It would have been nice if you could compare the images side by side.

A fun tool to create amazing photo memories

Irrespective of whether you are considering adding a framed collage to your home d├ęcor or your are trying to highlight the best moments from your last vacation, Collage Xpress can lend you a hand.

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