A web application designed to help you keep track of your projects and activities, by adding deadlines, milestones and time trackers.

  • Collabtive
  • Version :2.11
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Open Dynamics

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Collabtive Description

Large-scale projects are quite demanding when it comes to time management and deadlines, especially if you are not working on them by yourself and other people depend on you. Hence, you need to keep a tight schedule and keep track of your activity, in order to properly assess your overall progress.

Create projects and task lists

Collabtive is a web application that enables you to create projects and keep an eye on deadlines, tasks, activity records and various other time-related things. Due to the fact that it functions as a web script, it can only be installed on servers that have the ability to support PHP scripting and MySQL databases. You can, however, also install it on cloud services, provided they offer the aforementioned services.

In order to start monitoring your activity, you first need to create projects, which basically hold every piece of information about your tasks and schedule. Thus, beside the name, you can also add a description for each one, as well as set up their due-date, budget and name of the customer. In addition, you can also assign multiple users to each project and grant them permission to view and edit the information.

Generate reports and activity logs

As far as the actual management capabilities offered by Collabtive, you are allowed to perform a wide array of operations on your projects. Hence, you can exchange messages with the other users, as well as well as use the time tracker to establish your progress. Files can also be attached and closely managed from within the control panel, regardless of their format.

Reports can be easily generated as well and you can export them as PDF files on your computer, along with messages and activity logs. In addition, it is very simple to create RSS feeds and synchronize calendars, as well as send out email notifications and create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets from the generated reports.

A fully-featured project management utility

Beside the fact that it requires a web server to install and use, Collabtive is a very handy utility, especially since it can be easily accessed over the network or the Internet by all the other persons that are working on the same project. In addition, the interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, with simple controls and well explained features.

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