Colibrico Design Studio

A collection of icon sets and an icon designer in one package, providing an intuitive editor that can help you create and export icon collections.

  • Colibrico Design Studio
  • Version : 1.1.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jürgen Schaetzke

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Colibrico Design Studio Description

Colibrico Design Studio provides the environment you need to create compelling icon sets that can the be used in different projects. With a generous collection of predefined icons from various domains, this icon designer and editor can help you modify the existing templates to create something totally new.

Rich graphics library from various domains

You start by selecting the input graphics, be it icons in the application’s collection or SVG files imported from your computer. Colibrico enables you to choose one or more files and adds them to the processing queue one by one, by double-clicking on the icon.

The range of themes Colibrico covers varies from agriculture and construction to software, hardware, network management, and much more in between. Remember that you can always import new SVG files on your computer in case the application’s library is not to your liking.

Automate icon set design and generate impressive results

Applying a single design to multiple graphic files is the highlight of Colibrico, which makes it easier for you to generate sets of icons that have a single theme. Moreover, designs can be saved as templates and used whenever necessary, which enables you to deliver results quicker in case an icon set requires changes.

Moreover, icon sets you are processing can be dynamically merged with another group of graphics, creating a custom, new design. There are various design elements that you can use in your project and a multitude of styles and themes you can apply.

Quickly create icon sets for you and others

Colibrico can automate icon set creation and the further customization of designs. From something so simple as changing colors to adding depth effects, clipping and managing the outline, it enables you to generate icon sets for your customers and your personal projects without effort.

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