Colasoft Packet Player

Open packet trace files and play them back in the network with this application that also offers a special burst mode and sending delay options.

  • Colasoft Packet Player
  • Version:2.0 Build 212
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Colasoft LLC

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Colasoft Packet Player Description

Those who need to verify their captured packet files by sending them over a network could require a tool for playing back such files. Colasoft Packet Player was created in order to help users open captured packet trace files and send them back in their network. It allows them to define custom sending options, such as delay or intervals and it even provided a dedicated “burst” mode, without delays.

Basic interface that provides minimalist tools for sending captured trace packets over a network

The application carries a minimalist interface the offers a clean layout, with just the essential features for sending the required packet files. Users will be able to easily select their network adapter and the utility will automatically detect all the installed ones, providing an easy-to-access dropdown list.

The packet files can be added individually and one can also select entire folders, therefore allowing the application to automatically load all the contained packet files. However, the listing for the loaded packet files doesn’t provide any detailed information about the files and this might frustrate some users. It would have been beneficial for it to also incorporate at least size or creation date information.

Easy-to-use network packet sender that will offer customizable sending characteristics

Provided that they have selected the preferred network adapter and loaded the required packet files, people can then define the parameters for the sending process. The application offers easy adjustment thanks to an on-screen slider that facilitates the handling operation.

It will enable users to define a custom play speed, select loop sending or add preferred delay timers. Furthermore, one can select for the application to ignore file errors in order to maintain a continuous sending process. The last option of the sending speed, “burst”, allows users to send files without delays in between them.

Competent software solution that will help users send trace packets over a network

For those who need to play back packet files in a network, this application could be a wise choice, as it will allow them to easily select their network adapter and corresponding packet files. Furthermore, they will be able to define a custom playback speed, select loop sending, add time delays or choose for the application to ignore any potential file errors.

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