Colasoft Capsa Professional

Analyze, monitor and view details about your network activities with the help of this efficient and user-friendly packet sniffer.

  • Colasoft Capsa Professional
  • Version :9.2.0 Build 9262
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Colasoft LLC

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Colasoft Capsa Professional Description

Nowadays, especially in the case of large companies, the task of managing networks and oversight of data transfer falls into the busy hands of network administrators.

Since most companies use very complex networks, problems often find their way in, so it is clear that some tool for managing and tracking traffic is of the utmost importance.

Into play comes Capsa Professional, a full-featured and powerful piece of software designed to make it as easy as possible for you to accurately track problems and all related situations, as well as the data flow within a network.

Everything you need to know about your network, at the tips of your fingers

In a few words, Capsa Professional provides you with a plethora of advanced tools, so that you can capture and save data packets transferred in real-time or with delay. You can identify and analyze a large number of network protocols, monitor bandwidth usage through data packet and get advanced signal decoding information.

You can also get an accurate view of the traffic statistics and even create maps with IP or MAC addresses and other related details.

Surprisingly well-organized for such a full-featured network tracking tool

The application features a fast and surprisingly simple installation process, considering its advanced nature. Even at first sight, it is clear that this is not one of those minimalist apps with streamlined interfaces.

While fairly intuitive, you should expect to find detail-rich and somewhat overcrowded sections of its interface, especially within some of its multiple menus.

Also noticeable is how the development team behind the app tried to make everything feel intuitive, but at the end of the day, you cannot get past the fact that is one complex utility and some adjustment time is needed.

On the same note, a good thing is the fact that Capsa Professional comes with a hefty documentation section, easy accessible within the app’s window, which we totally recommend you take the time to read.

No denying its efficiency and its potential usefulness

All in all, Capsa Professional is a reliable network packet sniffer and analysis tool that should find its way on the computers of most network administrators.

The best thing about this utility is the fact that, despite its complex nature and vast number of features, it manages to make things seem approximately intuitive, at least, once you spend a little time fiddling about with its menus.

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