CoffeeCup Website Insight

Allows you to analyze a particular website, then suggest various improvements to help improve search engine optimization and site viability.

  • CoffeeCup Website Insight
  • Version :3.5 Build 387
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CoffeeCup Software

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CoffeeCup Website Insight Description

Running a website can be a full time job, with a vast array of different ways to optimize and improve the functionality and visibility of a website. CoffeeCup Website Insight is an application that allows users to scan a particularly website, then receive a breakdown of its current search engine and site visibility. The program will then proceed to offer various suggestions to improve the website and its traffic.

An easy-to-understand interface that features a modern design and straightforward to use

CoffeeCup Website Insight provides a very modern interface with large icons, clear areas and a sleek design. The URL for a particular website that you want to test is entered at the top of the application, no special administrator privileges are required and users do not need to enter any information that might compromise the security of their website.

The results are displayed in the lower half of the program, with a concise breakdown of the different areas the analysis showed. CoffeeCup Website Insight lists the total number of HTML files, images, CSS files, JavaScripts and Media files, presenting them clearly in a percentage based bar graph. More detailed information can be accessed by a menu next to the graph, clearly displaying the different areas of the website.

An interesting concept that displays useful information, yet a question mark over its value

CoffeeCup Website Insight is not free, the advice it provides needs to be significant enough to increase traffic to the website, to ultimately pay for its own purchase. The majority of the application’s results are designed to try and justify the price, with the results tailored around visibility and how well it performs on search indexes, i.e. areas that can generate revenue.

The program does have an interesting system that displays the recommendations in order of importance, from urgent to minor. Still, the majority of the recommendations are about increasing its social media profile and advertising in various, free methods. The areas of improvement that refer to more serious issues, such as CSS and HTML issues, are significantly lacking.

A useful idea that can help improve a websites overall traffic, yet not suited for serious issues

CoffeeCup Website Insight is primarily suited to improving existing websites and increasing their traffic via different methods, some advanced, some simple. Users who have a new website and want detailed advice on how to improve it might be disappointed, as the way it tracks various areas is mainly by how many followers or likes on a particular media platform. New websites will fail most of its checks, yet the application offers very little advice for the serious issues.

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