Code Inventors Touch

Alter the created / modified dates of your files with this application that allows you to use the current, specified or random date and time.

  • Code Inventors Touch
  • Version :1.05
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jonathan Clark

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Code Inventors Touch Description

Those who need to change the dates of their files or folders and require to apply that to a large volume of information, might have difficulties attaining that manually. Code Inventors Touch was created in order to help users alter the “created” / “modified” dates of their files and folders, through its tools that offer replacement with current, specified or random date and time.

Friendly interface with large, colorful buttons that promotes an easy handling

Code Inventors Touch presents users with a minimalist interface that shelters all the required tools for altering the dates of files and folders. Its clean layout will provide easy access to all the features and users will be able to input and alter the required files with no trouble.

The application allows users to add both individual files or folders and in order to improve the user-friendliness, it also supports dragging-and-dropping. All the items can be managed using the on-screen buttons, but unfortunately, the application doesn’t allow deletion using the keyboard.

Change the “created” / “modified” dates of your files and folders and open / run files directly from the application’s interface

By default, the application will replace the dates of the selected files / folders, with the current date and time. Nevertheless, users will be able to choose for the application to replace them with their custom or random generated date / time.

One useful feature that the application provides is the fact that it allows users to open or run their files directly from its interface, opening them in their external apps. This can help one to easily recall what a file contains or why was it set for date alteration.

Smart way of modifying the dates of your files / folders, with this compact and lightweight application

Code Inventors Touch will provide users with an efficient solution for altering the “created” / “modified” dates of their files or folders and replacing them with a different date / time. It will allow them to replace the dates with the current, user-defined or random dates and it will provide ease-of-use through its clean layout.

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