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Configure and manage your personal video surveillance system, record videos, play them, set alarm triggers and schedule recordings.

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CMX Software HD Description

If you want to set up a video surveillance system, you probably understand how appropriate tools can greatly simplify your work.

In the scenario depicted above, CMX Software HD is one of the various applications that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results by providing you with the necessary components.

Rich interface

This program comes with a comprehensive user interface that packs a large variety of functions, which can be easily accessed since they are neatly organized.

However, given the multitude of options, you need medium to advanced PC skills and previous experience with similar programs in order to benefit from its functions to their full extent.

Manage your surveillance system

You can turn to CMX Software HD if you need an efficient way to manage your video surveillance system since it grants you access to all of your cameras and lets you configure them in various ways.

The main window displays an overview of your connected cameras that you can customize by increasing or decreasing the number of available devices on view. Each device can be configured separately by right-clicking its corresponding grid cell and choosing the Properties option from the context menu.

Alarm notifications

Additionally, you can set alarm notifications for each of your devices and set the default trigger and output for each alert. For instance, your devices can trigger an alarm whenever the camera detects a face, audio feedback, motion or an external IO device.

The alarm output ranges from playing a sound or sending an email notification to starting a recording pre- or post-alarm, ensuring that no significant information is left unrecorded.

Comprehensive management solution for your surveillance system

All things considered, CMX Software HD is a reliable application that can help you manage your video surveillance system efficiently. Its smooth, well-organized interface combined with its wide variety of functions provides you with numerous possibilities. However, if you want to benefit from its full range of capabilities, you need to have medium to advanced PC skills and a good understanding of certain video surveillance concepts.

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