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Protect your data and prevent unauthorized users from deleting files and directories from the cloud backup services you are using via this app.

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Cloud Secure Description

In case you are sharing files with multiple users from the cloud, then there is always a chance that the data gets edited or deleted involuntarily. Luckily, there are several tools out there designed to help you lock the drives and avert incidents that can lead to negative consequences in the long run.

Cloud Secure is a handy utility that enables you to lock several cloud services and prevent users who access the data from making unwanted modifications or erasing the files accidentally.

Comes with a minimalistic and hence, user-friendly GUI

Even though the installation is a straightforward process, you are required to reboot your machine in order to complete the setup. The program comes with a simplistic and easy to navigate interface that consists of a medium-sized window and that displays the cloud services installed along with their status.

Upon first launch, you need to specify the desired password and you are ready to secure your storage from unauthorized actions. On a side note, if you need to reinstall the application on the same machine, you cannot do so without the initial password, so make sure you save it.

Allows you to block the deletion and editing of the data

Functionality-wise, the program is as simple as it looks, meaning that you can lock individual storage services or all of them at once with just one click. If you decide to unlock them, then you receive a message that alerts you that your data is vulnerable to editing and deletion.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the application currently works with four storage services only, namely Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive and Box.

An app that can add an extra layer of security to your cloud storage

Regardless of whether you are sharing critical documents or you had to waste a lot of time and energy in the past to recover data deleted accidentally, Cloud Secure is a tool that can help you prevent similar unpleasant circumstances.

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