Accessible, easy-to-use and reliable software that can help you free up hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate documents.

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CloneSpy Description

Your hard drive can get cluttered with useless files. While some need your direct assessment to be deleted, duplicate files are easy to spot with the right software.

CloneSpy is a program specifically designed to detect and remove duplicate files. Since these have exactly the same content, no matter their name, time, date and location, they can be safely deleted in most cases.

The software tracks down not only duplicate files, but those with the same name as well. This feature comes in handy especially when you saved different versions of the file and want to remove only the older versions.

After loading the folders, the app can search for various types of duplicate files, whether by name, size or location. Then, it’s possible to select the action that the program is to take. You can opt for automatic deletion, export a list with all the files or have the program prompt for your action.

When the scan is complete files can be marked by choosing one of the preset options (newer/older files, shorter/longer file name, shorter/longer full path, shorter/longer directory path). Any of these items may be deleted to clear out space.

Furthermore, when copying files from CDs and DVDs to the computer, CloneSpy can detect any files that might already be on the computer by comparing the items inside certain defined folders.

All in all, CloneSpy is a useful tool that can help clear out plenty of space on the computer. The interface is intuitive and should be easy to figure out even by inexperienced users.

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