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Seamlessly open files that include the settings for the garment designs you created with CLO Atelier using this intuitive software solution.

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CLO Viewer Description

In case you enjoy making clothes or you are practicing to become a fashion designer, then one of the tools that you can employ to improve your skills and aptitudes is CLO Atelier. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you can access the data that you create with it even on older devices, then one alternative to consider is CLO Viewer.

Enables you to set hotkeys to smoother navigation

Following a quick setup, you are welcomed by a sleek, stylish and modern UI, that is highly responsive, intuitive and also well-structured. Consequentially, it is unlikely that you can encounter any issues navigating or accessing the files that interest you.

The UI consists of a 3D window that enables you to open and view files that you created via CLO Atelier. More precisely, the tool supports garments only (ZPAC) or project (ZPRJ) files, but also settings files that are closely related to the project, such as fabric (ZFAB), camera projection (CMP), pose (POS), avatar (AVT) and camera transformation (CMT).

Allows you to analyze the garments from all perspectives in 3D

The idea behind the utility is to provide you with a means to access all the aforementioned data in situations when you are away from your computer, such as when you are visiting clients at their offices, for instance. Therefore, you can load the garment file and present your idea and concept while taking advantage of the 3D perspectives and a suitable avatar.

The application can also help you analyze files that you have been working on more efficiently, particularly since it supports colorway and simulation mode. For examples, you can access an older file and check out details, such as internal lines, pins or pressure points, so that you can apply them to a new design.

A tool that lets you access files created via CLO Atelier

If you are commonly designing clothes using CLO Atelier but prefer something lighter when heading to meetings or presentations with your clients, then CLO Viewer enables you to access all types of files that you want to show your colleagues or customers.

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