Modify the brightness and contrast of your DDC-compatible monitor using this reliable application that sits quietly in the system tray.

  • ClickMonitorDDC
  • Version :3.8
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mapini

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ClickMonitorDDC Description

Finding the ideal brightness and contrast levels for your monitor means that you can enjoy movies and games at their best, i.e. without losing anything of the experience.

ClickMonitorDDC is a nifty app that can help you alter these values even if you are a novice when it comes to PC skills. You only need to make sure your monitor is DDC-compatible (Display Data Channel).

Unobtrusive system tray application

Once you run it, the utility sits in the system tray and does not take up any space from your desktop, so it does not disturb you from your work.

Moreover, you can set it to display the current brightness and contrast values for your monitor right in the system tray. This way, you do not need to access the main window of ClickMonitorDDC to review the parameters.

Assign hotkeys to custom profiles

A handy function of this tool is that you can create multiple profiles, each with its own values, and then switch between them with ease.

You also get to assign hotkeys to each of these profiles, so you can apply them whenever you want to play a certain full-screen game or watch a movie. In other words, you do not need to stick to the same brightness, contrast or volume levels regardless of the activity you perform on your computer.

Customize system tray icons’ colors

In terms of personalization, ClickMonitorDDC allows you to tamper with the default colors used for the system tray icons for showing the current monitor settings. This can come in handy if the default colors are not visible on your PC due to the wallpaper you are using.

All in all, this application can prove to be a reliable asset for all those who like to tamper with their monitor’s settings depending on the game or movie they are currently running.

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