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View info (emails, contacts, tasks and appointments) on a specific project in a single place with the help of this useful, full-featured, professional grade information management system.

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ClearContext Professional Description

In the eventuality that your line of work entails managing hundreds of emails on a daily basis, then there is a fair chance that you do not have the time to actually go through them all, especially if you want to get any work done.

ClearContext Professional is a comprehensive add-in for Microsoft Outlook that provides you with numerous flexible tools for organizing your Inbox, turning emails into tasks or appointments and snoozing messages that you need to reply to for later on.

Comes with a handy filling function

By far the most common issue you can stumble upon when managing your Inbox is how to organize the dozens of incoming messages so that you do not miss or skip anything important. You will be happy to learn that the program comes with an AutoFile function that automatically sorts emails and places them into dedicated categories.

While the app includes pre-configured settings that dictate where each message should go, you can also create your own set of rules. The option can surely come in handy when you are dealing with important clients whom you prefer answering right away, as you can set the app to send all messages to the designated folder.

Allows you to defer and snooze important emails

A further noteworthy set of features refers to snoozing or deferring received emails so that you can make sure you do not forget about them. Therefore, if you do not have time to answer an email, you can just snooze it for a given period.

In addition to making sure you reply to a potential lead, the program enables you to follow-up emails by setting up a reminder to check whether or not you received an answer to a message you are expecting. The option can prove particularly useful for large companies that manage databases with thousands of customers.

Transform messages into tasks and appointments

The application also enables you to create to-do tasks, appointments and projects from the emails you receive. You can seamlessly achieve this by highlighting an email and access the Schedule function where you can set the time and date of your meeting.

It is worth mentioning that regardless of whether you transform your messages into a to-do list or a business meeting, you can preview the contents of the email and have it readily accessible on your screen.

An Outlook add-in that can spare you a lot of headaches

If you are looking for an efficient solution that can lend you a hand with sorting important emails from redundant ones fast and simple, then perhaps ClearContext Professional could give you a hand.

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