Classic Color Panel

Effortlessly customize the color settings of the system-level display of Windows using this lightweight and portable software application.

  • Classic Color Panel
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  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Peter Panisz

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Classic Color Panel Description

Classic Color Panel is a small-sized and practical software application designed to help you customize the colors of various elements found in Windows. These include windows, buttons and controls. The tool was mainly designed to give a bit more control to Windows 10 users when it comes to color customization since Microsoft has limited these actions.

Change the colors of various Windows elements

Installation is not necessary, which means that Classic Color Panel is portable. You can unzip the downloaded package and just double-click the .exe to reach the main window. It’s also possible to copy the tool to a USB flash drive to be able to effortlessly launch it on any device without setup.

At startup, the tool offers to create a backup of the current color configuration. This is practical for later restoring settings to their original values. However, the tool also has a button within the interface for restoring everything to default.

Pick a new color for each system-level display object

As far as the GUI is concerned, Classic Color Panel keeps things plain and simple, listing descriptions for all Windows objects that can be customized. It’s capable of affecting text displayed in buttons, active and inactive captions, highlights, information, menus, windows as well as caption and gray text.

Color changes can also be made to the background, button face, highlight and shadow, active and inactive caption, highlight, information background, menus, shadows, windows, and window frames. If you extend this window, you will also be able to change the colors of the active and inactive border, application workspace, gradient active and inactive title, hot tracking, menu bar and highlight, and scrollbar.

Easy-to-use color tweaker for Windows objects

Setting a new color is a task summed up by picking something from the color spectrum for each object. In addition to resetting the configuration to default, you can save the current color layout to a .reg file to be able to later apply it by simply double-clicking the .reg to tweak registry settings accordingly. Two themes are available for the interface: dark and light.

All aspects considered, Classic Color Panel offers a simple solution for users interested in tweaking the color of various system-level objects, especially if their actions are limited by Microsoft.

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