Simple-to-use software application that enables users to edit pictures in just a few steps, featuring support for many file types, including BMP, JPG and PNG.

  • CIM
  • Version :1.12a
  • License :LGPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jim Jensen

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CIM Description

CIM is an image editing tool that integrates a few useful features. It offers support for a few popular photo formats, including BMP, JPG and PNG.

The installation process is rapid and uneventful. CIM’s interface is represented by a plain and outdated window, where you can open an image file using the folder view only, since the drag-and-drop method is not supported.

So, you can scale the picture, view EXIF information, crop it (normally or for printing purposes), as well as resize, mirror or rotate the photo.

It is also possible to remove keystone and lens distortion along with scratches and spots, make an automatic evaluation to find out the Qcontrast, Qsharpness and Qnoise levels, as well as apply automatic sharpness, contrast and color correction.

CIM also lets users adjust colors, invert the image and convert it to grayscale, tweak saturation, brightness and contrast, as well as fill in a flash spot anywhere in the picture and modify the lighting level. There are several applicable filters, namely noise reducing, blur (low, medium, high), sharpen (low, medium, high) and mask unsharpen.

The app does not put a strain on computer resources, as it uses low-to-moderate RAM and low CPU. It is very responsive to commands and does not cause Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. We have not come across any type of problems in our evaluation.

Unfortunately, CIM has some pretty outdated elements when it comes to the interface. On top of that, it does not support hotkeys. Otherwise, CIM can be handled by all types of users, even beginners.

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