CIB PDF Brewer

Comprehensive PDF utility that allows you to save the printing configuration for multiple apps, convert and join PDFs, as well as add watermarks.

  • CIB PDF Brewer
  • Version :2.10.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CIB software GmbH

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CIB PDF Brewer Description

CIB PDF Brewer is a specialized and comprehensive piece of software designed from the ground up to provide you with an extended set of options for printing PDFs.

Smoothly integrates itself with your computer’s system and certain apps

This utility can be deployed on your computer’s system with the minimum amount of effort on your behalf thanks to a streamlined installer. Once installed, the utility makes it presence known via two shortcuts placed on the Desktop and a new entry in the Printers and Scanners section.

Furthermore, if everything goes well, the application should automatically integrate itself with other applications that offer printing features, for example, all the apps bundled within the Microsoft Office package.

Probably the most straightforward way to get accustomed with CIB PDF Brewer is to head over to the Printers and Scanners section mentioned above and access the Preferences section.

Enhances the PDF printing capabilities of your computer’s OS

To start off with, the application offers you a set of advanced page setup options. For example, you can change the paper’s size, its orientation, change the scaling settings and add scalable page frames.

In addition, the app makes it quite effortless for you to add watermarks to your documents, which will appear in the background of all pages.

Since it offers you a surprising level of customization, the utility enables you to define certain actions following the printing and conversion processes, and even save these configurations for each application.

A handy tool for users who print lots of PDFs using more than one app

Choose one of the more advanced pricing plans and CIB PDF Brewer can offer you the possibility to embed character fonts, to encrypt your documents and even shrink the size of those that contain pictures.

As an ending note, if you are constantly having to print PDFs and, more importantly, you need to do this using a wide array of applications then CIB PDF Brewer is certainly a must have.

It not only saves the printing configuration for each application in question, but it also offers a useful set of options for formatting and printing your documents.

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