ChrisPC DNS Switch

Quickly change the DNS of your network adapters manually, or by choosing from a list of presets, with this handy piece of software.

  • ChrisPC DNS Switch
  • Version :3.50
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Chris P.C. srl

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ChrisPC DNS Switch Description

Rather than typing long, complicated IP addresses whenever you want to connect to a website, you simply type its easily remembered domain name and you can start exploring it within seconds. This is possible due to the use of the Domain Name System (DNS), meant to simplify the entire process and make it more-user-friendly.

There are also some dedicated third-party applications, such as ChrisPC DNS Switch, which enable you to change the default DNS according to your liking.

The software solution installs without any issues and you can start applying the changes as soon as its main window is displayed.

Due to ChrisPC DNS Switch, you can change the DNS used by one or all your network adapters with a single mouse click.

The next step is to choose the DNS you prefer from the several presets included within the application. For example, you can select a certain DNS server if you want to make sure you are anonymous while browsing the web, or you can ensure you can only browse family safe content once you go for a specialized DNS.

Alternatively, you can choose a secure DNS if you are concerned about the integrity of your Internet connection, or you can add a custom DNS.

On the other hand, if you are not familiarized with the numerous types of DNS servers or you simply do not want to waste time manually deciding on one, you can also rely on the automatic selection option.

Furthermore, you can minimize ChrisPC DNS Switch to the system tray, then rotate the DNS without even needing to launch the main window of the app, thus saving both time and screen space.

All in all, ChrisPC DNS Switch can come in handy whenever you want to quickly change the DNS server then apply the new configuration to one or all of your network adapters.

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