Chris-PC Game Booster

An intuitive and efficient piece of software designed to configure your computer parameters to get the maximum gaming performance.

  • Chris-PC Game Booster
  • Version: 4.15
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Chris P.C. srl

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Chris-PC Game Booster Description

Chris-PC Game Booster is a lightweight and user-friendly program whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability of improving your system’s gaming performance, so you can benefit from it to the fullest, without having to purchase newer hardware.

The utility is very simple to install, posing no unusual problems and requiring no additional software. It features a straight-forward interface, being quite approachable even for the more inexperienced.

Chris-PC Game Booster enables you to choose the preferred operating system, processor and Internet type, though it can automatically detect these details when you launch it. Additionally, you can adjust the slider to obtain the preferred ‘Speed Setting’ (ranging between ‘Boost’ and ‘Maximum Boost’), and finally click on the ‘Optimize Now’ button.

The application will then begin to perform a series of system configurations, adjusting the way in which your CPU is being used during gaming, as well as your graphics card, monitor refresh rates, and other memory tweaks; this operation can take a few minutes.

Moreover, Chris-PC Game Booster will also adjust some of your Internet settings, which is particularly useful if you play online games and need the best responsiveness available, so you can prevent in-game lags, which can potentially cause you to lose that match.

In order to complete the configuration and allow the new settings to become active, you will need to restart your computer. At the same time, if you are unhappy with the modifications made by Chris-PC Game Booster, you can always press on the ‘Restore’ button, and it will undo any changes it has made, bringing them to their original recommended values.

To conclude, Chris-PC Game Booster is an interesting piece of software that promises to enhance your computer’s gaming performance by adjusting several relevant system and Internet settings to provide you with improved reaction speed, all with just one mouse click.

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