Hone your chess skills by browsing, editing, comparing and analyzing your game collection with this user-friendly software application.

  • ChessX
  • Version :1.4.6
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michal Rudolf

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ChessX Description

ChessX is a free chess database for Windows. It supports PGN files, offers you the freedom to browse games, as well as helps you enter moves and setup board position.

Designed with openness in mind

ChessX is a continuation of SCID (Shane’s Chess Information Database), which is a multi-platform online chess games archive that allows users to view, edit, and manage collections of online encounters. The new program is built in C++ and Qt, instead of the old Tcl/Tk code. It implements a tabbed document interface with a menu and toolbars, status bar, and new improvements.

Although it does not have the most approachable interface out there, some features are pretty clear. A document window represents a game and consists of a board with a configurable panel.

Chess specific features

The application can load and save PGN files, and can work with multiple databases at the same time. It allows users to browse games, including some popular variations of chess. Besides that, comments can be left during active games, together with entering piece moves and many other activities.

In case users plan to learn more about how to play chess, a large database is available to search for documents on various powerful positions. Additionally, the program displays the tree of moves for the current location of the piece on the board. Games can be exported to PGN files, HTML, or LaTeX file format. They can be sent by email to friends so they can see your incredible victory. In case you plan to open received games, the ChessX can execute them as PGN and BIN files.


ChessX is an excellent database of games that offers users the ability to browse online encounters, leave comments during chess sessions, and so on. It is a great tool to study other people’s strategy and learn to play chess better. Great victories can be shared via PNG files, while unfinished games can be opened in BIN format, in case you want to continue playing them.

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