Cheewoo Nest1D

Minimize wasted stock and maximize the packing rate by creating an optimized cutting plan and putting it to use, with this specialized application.

  • Cheewoo Nest1D
  • Version :2.2.1002.1003
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CHEEWOO Engineering

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Cheewoo Nest1D Description

Efficiency is the key for any company that manufactures various products, and you can often increase profits significantly by relying on applications that can optimize certain stages of the process.

Cheewoo Nest1D is a useful application specially created to help you create a plan for cutting 1-dimensional materials, such as bars, tubes or wires. It is designed to minimize remnant length and optimize the packing rate.

Add stock materials and parts to the database

Before anything else, you need to insert all the stocks that need to be cut into pieces, along with the required number and length of said parts. This operation may take a while, so it may have helped if it were possible to import the data from an existing file.

If you assign a higher priority to a certain stock, it will be used before any of the others, but this may lead to more wasted materials and a reduced packing rate.

Generate and export an optimized cutting plan

Cheewoo Nest1D allows you to choose between four nesting methods, making it possible to minimize remnant length or maximize packing rate. Remnant length can also be limited to a particular value, and the packing rate to a certain percentage.

The output data is presented in multiple panels, along with a brief summary that lists the most important values. This report can be exported to a CSV file, but you also have the option of saving the project and using it again at a later date.

Offers extensive documentation and a somewhat outdated UI

A detailed user manual is available, something that novices will certainly appreciate. The program is fairly straightforward in any case, but going through the documentation can make things even easier.

The user interface could be improved in certain respects, as it looks rather outdated, and it is not possible to resize the panels or columns.

In conclusion, Cheewoo Nest1D is a useful software solution that can increase the productivity of manufacturing companies that need to cut 1-dimensional materials into parts of specific lengths.

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