Check of ALL knowledge

Verify the general knowledge of your personnel or prepare surprise tests for your students seamlessly using this straightforward software solution.

  • Check of ALL knowledge
  • Version :18.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Alexey Murtazin

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Check of ALL knowledge Description

While at school, students are undergoing tests to verify the level of knowledge they accumulated over a certain period of time, in the work environment examinations are performed to determine the employees’ cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, integrity, so on and so forth.

Check of ALL knowledge is a piece of software developed to help you create tests for various levels of users and different environments.

Comes with a rugged and unpolished interface

First off, you should know that you should access the dedicated installer after the decompression, so you can view the interface in English. Other than that, the setup is simple and entails following the steps you probably got accustomed to by now.

The program comes with an unappealing and outdated interface that could use more work. You can select the preferred test mode from the main window and you can preview some of the details about it. While the Normal mode entails viewing a single question and possible answers on the same page, the CSE counterpart implies previewing all of them along with the dedicated answer fields at the same time.

Enables you to create a suitable test for personnel or students

You can create your own test by specifying various parameters, such as the type of examination, the nature of the establishment, subject, name of the exam and the total of questions to be answered. If necessary, you can enter a password.

In addition, you can select whether or not the users being tested can view the correct answers immediately or if the answers and results should not be shown. Moreover, you can create multiple tests and determine how much each of them values, a feature that could come in handy when trying to determine the best candidate for a new position in your company.

An overall efficient test editor

In the eventuality that you want to verify the level of general knowledge of your staff or you simply want to establish if they are prepared for major policy implementation, then Check of ALL knowledge might be the utensil worth trying out.

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