Chart Geany

Analyze financial market trends with this detailed application that can receive live feeds from various providers, including Yahoo! Finance and Quandl.

  • Chart Geany
  • Version : 5.0.9
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lucas Tsatiris

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Chart Geany Description

The stock market is highly volatile and most of the time ensuring losses are avoided requires up to date data, rather than any special propensity toward trading. The digital age and the proliferation of the Internet have meant more and more traders can follow trends and receive accurate quotes on their stocks. Chart Geany provides such services to its users, by connecting to various providers, such as Yahoo! Finance and Quandl.

Get live quotes from various sources

The application can also receive quotes from Google Finance, as well as from FOREX. The ability to receive information in real-time ensures traders minimize their losses and increase their chances of scoring a profit. Once a valid data provider has been selected, users are free to choose a symbol to monitor. If in doubt, one can also browse items from an up-to-date list of all the market items.

One of the great features of the program is the ability to load and display information for multiple entries, from different data feeds. For example, one can configure the application to concurrently display stock readings for a certain company from Yahoo! Finance and USD to GBP currency ratings from FOREX.

Monitor multiple listings at the same time

This is possible due to the multi-tabbed interface that allows traders to quickly jump from one data feed to another. Besides the live feed received from the Internet, users can also populate their charts with on-the-spot technical analysis indicators, such as the Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, and MACD.

Several auxiliary tools are available to improve results, such as the ability to import quotations from local CSV or XLS documents. Certain graphical elements can also be adjusted to make graphs easier to read, such as the ability to insert a gridded background and the colors employed to draw objects can also be modified.

On the whole, a good utility for keeping up to date with current market trends

To conclude, Chart Geany is a practical solution for anyone regularly trading on the stock market. The application can receive live quotations for various stocks, including currency ratings. Data feeds are obtained via Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, FOREX, and Quandl, thus allowing ample room for cross-referencing.

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