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Organize your contacts, tasks and schedule with the help of this useful application that features extensive customization and offers network database support.

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Chaos Free Description

Chaos Free is a handy application that you can use to manage your time and contacts and even schedule appointments.

Organized interface

Chaos Free comes in a neatly organized layout, allowing you to have a full overview of the calendar, appointments and task list for the day.

The graphic interface is quite intuitive and easy to figure out, making the program accessible even to inexperienced users.

Chaos Free is constituted of multiple smaller windows that can be resized in order to view the information you need the most.

Creating a database of contacts

When adding new contacts to your address book, a window with a multitude of fields to input data will be displayed, allowing you to create a database with detailed information for each contact.

You can assign each contact to a group, allowing you to organize people by categories, which will make searching and finding contacts in your address book a lot easier.

Besides the usual address, phone numbers, e-mail accounts and other social details, you can add photos to to your contact, so you can easily recognize them in case you don’t remember the name.

You can also add notes, files and many custom fields. These contacts can be used when you’re creating appointments with Chaos Free, so you can have easy access to their information.

Useful calendar and appointment function

The program displays a calendar for the current and following month, in order to keep you informed of the upcoming events that you marked on the calendar.

With Chaos Free, you can schedule appointments, to which you can add multiple contacts from your address book.

You can also set alarms to notify you in time, before the scheduled event takes place, so you can be prepared.

Complex time management tool

Chaos Free seems to be an easy-to-use, yet complex piece of software that allows you to schedule meetings, set alarms for special events and create a large database of contacts, in order to help you manage your time by removing the stress of remembering everything.

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