Chameleon Task Manager Pro

A user-friendly and powerful program that comes packed with a rich-featured set of functions for helping you manage processes, programs, and services efficiently.

  • Chameleon Task Manager Pro
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Chameleon Task Manager Pro Description

Chameleon Task Manager Pro is a professional software application that comes packed with a powerful set of features for helping you manage the processes that are running on your computer, programs, and services.

Straightforward looks

It sports an intuitive interface that displays a clean feature lineup. You can view details about processes, set up global configuration settings with rules that can be applied for all processes, view details about the programs installed on your computer, collect statistics about resource usages, as well as manage services.

Process configuration

Chameleon Task Manager Pro gives you the possibility to view information about each process, such as name, CPU and memory usage, disk activity, and short description. A great feature of this tool enables you to apply several configuration settings for each process, so you can individually manage each item.

The tweaking options comprised in this application enable you to stop or restart the selected process, set priorities and affinities, optimize the memory, send items to quarantine, create shortcuts on the desktop or in the Start Menu, open file location, and view file properties.

There are several templates which include preset settings that can be applied to the selected process, such as High Performance, Balanced resource usage, and Move to quarantine.

You may manually create your own templates, which can be customized by controlling CPU, RAM, and hard drive usage, checking if the program is frozen, allowing the utility to start only on certain days, and synchronize the tool with another application or file.

Additionally, the CPU, RAM, and hard drive usage optimization modes empower you to set the program priority and affinity at startup, and show notifications, temporarily downgrade the priority, and close or restart the utility if the CPU exceeds a user-defined value.

All programs, statistics, and services

Chameleon Task Manager Pro enables you the check all utilities ever launched on your computer and view information about them, such as name, description, path, detection data, and last accessed date.

The program needs some time to gather data about your usage statistics (CPU, disk activity, memory usage, and size), and you can make it collect details at a certain interval of time and over a period of time. When it comes to tweaking the services, you can enable or disable startup items, as well as start or stop them.


All in all, Chameleon Task Manager Pro proves to be a reliable application that provides a complete suite of tools for helping you manage your processes, statistics, and services in an efficient way. The rich-featured set of functions make it an ideal utility for advanced users.

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